I’m Sorry, But Not Really

“Happiness means never having to apologize for being me!”

–Gretchen Rossi, RHOC

This Woman Does Not Care About Your Feelings

Yes, I’m quoting reality TV right off the bat.  But trust me, you’re about to learn something from these crazy beyotches.

One of my latest annoyances is the fake apology.  Now, I’m not talking about the ones my kids give their dad because they know he is a softie and will immediately retract all punishments if they cry and say sorry.  I’m talking about the apology that makes it seem like the speaker is making amends, but, really, it’s just lip service.

I got to thinking about this while watching Real Housewives–both Orange County and New York.  These women love to toss around the fake apology.  As in, “I’m sorry.  I’m just being real.”  Or, “I’m sorry.  I’m just blunt and call it like I see it.”

What do those fake apologies mean?  “I’m sorry that you are so sensitive that you can’t take my cutting remarks.”  Or, “I’m sorry you pointed out my rudeness.”

Some of my readers know that I’m not shy with the sarcasm or inappropriateness.  The difference is I really am sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.  I do try to change my behavior to match the setting and audience.  I try very hard only to mock those who know I’m kidding and know I’m fair game for mocking too.

Being yourself does not mean being an asshat whenever you feel like it.  If you must spew venom, get a blog and rail on nameless innocents.  That’s what all the cool kids do these days.  As for me, I’ll take any sincere criticism to heart and work to be funny AND nice.


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