A Letter To The Teacher

Dear Lovely Blond Preschool Teacher,

First, I apologize for not knowing your name.  In the 10 months we’ve lived in Poland, I feel my ear for the language has gotten better and names are easier to pick up.  Sadly, my attention to detail has not improved, and that one time you said your name I was thinking of shiny stuff.  I wanted to write this letter to thank you and the other teacher who has the best smile but has never been introduced to me for teaching my twins.

Ready for school! Just as soon as Mom convinces us to put down our lovies.

I also wanted to explain why we have never made it to school on time.  The reasons are both run-of-the-mill and truly ridiculous, but I promise, all this and more really happened.

*  Twin B needed a tag removed from his shirt.  Tag could not be found and therefore not eradicated to his satisfaction.  Changing of shirt was required.

*  Time stopped when I asked them to walk downstairs quickly-but only in our building. The rest of the world sped right along ahead of us.

*  On their birthday I had a blood test at 8am followed by a trip to the bakery to pick up the non-sugary muffins to bring to share.  Who knew they would need no less than 18 vials of my blood or that the muffins would not be ready?

*  It was very sweet of you to text me on Thursday that the boys both needed teddy bears for Teddy Bear day on Friday.  We actually didn’t have any on hand as we left a lot behind in the move, so we needed to buy them.  I’m not sure what happened, but it turns out we had to buy them on Friday before school.  It’s possible I got distracted by Twitter.

*  My husband is a bit of a pansy when it comes to being sick.  We have to drive him to work when he gets ‘a scratchy throat’ so he doesn’t walk and get more sniffles.  He is in no hurry.  He doesn’t care that we are.

*  I let them make their own samiches…not a time-saver but the video was a huge FB hit.

*  Boys were picking a toy for Friday Toy Day.  Then repicking a toy that doesn’t have 100 pieces.  Then rerepicking a toy that brother didn’t say you HAD to take so he would have 2 of his favorites, and you’d have none.

Again, I apologize for being late EVERY day.  I’m not doing it on purpose.  This is me trying my hardest.  Don’t worry, the boys’ father is very responsible, so they should turn out just fine.


4 thoughts on “A Letter To The Teacher

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  2. Can I copy this letter? I could say some of the same things. ODD needed to change her shirt. YDD pooped just before we left. ODD had to go to the bathroom the minute we got in the car. This made me laugh & nod my head. I so get this. I am trying hard every day.

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