Texas Multi Mamas Episode 3 Recap: “Under The Knife”

And now we welcome a ‘real’ week of school, work and, thankfully, TV.  You know, when we’re not reading the classics or carefully tending to the garden where we grow all our family’s vegetables.

Um, that was the first and last time they used my phone. And the game was educational.

This week is another twofer.  I believe this is the last one, and we will see one episode a week from now on.  Which is good news for my kids and their chances of having me play with them on Wednesdays.

We start with Episode 3: “Under the Knife.”  It starts nice and easy with a dinner for Teryn’s birthday and includes Casey and Candace.  Candace tells us Stephanie is not invited.  (She is also not invited to the birthday party Candace has for her kids.)  One thing the ladies mention that is so true of moms, both Mothers of Multiples and women who don’t like to have as many kids as a dog has puppies, is that you have to work to make the conversations go beyond kids.  This is true with your girlfriends and your husbands.  Spontaneity just isn’t always possible anymore.

Then we move out of nice and easy and hit painful and hard.  As was mentioned on the last episode, Suz’s daughter Savannah needed another surgery on her little kidney.  Suz and Joe’s boys had the flu, so Joe had to stay home with them and miss the surgery.  Luckily, Suz’s parents were there for support, but it’s still a long day for Suz and Savannah.  That little girl is a mini Suz, and has the sweetest little voice.  It was tough to watch Suz have to hold her down for her medicine and then to see the tubes connected to her wee little arm.  Savannah was so brave and so good as they wheeled her away from her momma and into surgery.  (Let me just take this chance to say that pediatric nurses and doctors are a special breed.  God bless them for being able to do what they do with a smile on their face and love in their voice.  I can’t even imagine…)  Savannah does great in surgery and gets a rainbow Popsicle in recovery.  She also has a short pitiful cry that makes me sad even writing about it, but other than that, she is a world champion great kid about it all.  If you would like to see an update on Savannah’s progress, please check out Suz’s website.

Poor, sweet little baby girl. She is looking at ANOTHER surgery in February.

In other, less liable to make you cry surgery news, Stephanie and her husband Jerald get their male dog, Rocky, fixed.  See, Steph is all kinds of done with any new creatures in her house-babies and dogs.  Jerald wants another baby (He’d like to order a boy, please, Baby Giver People.) and feels sorry for poor Rocky losing his manly parts.  I’m with Steph on the dog thing though.  They have a male and female, so they are just asking for trouble if Rocky isn’t firing blanks.  I can’t even bring myself to write about the mess a female dog in heat makes.  Just no.

Also just no?  Taking my kids bowling without the aid of my spouse and/or beer.  Yet, that is exactly what dear Teryn does to help Candace and her triplets celebrate their 4th birthday.  Teryn’s boys just run amuck and make her have panic-face.  Damn it!  Why didn’t she bring in her trusty M&M’s to bribe them??!?!?  Look, if it works for you, do it.  Parental bribery happens.  Don’t act like it isn’t somewhat normal.  Now, I do love Candace’s philosophy of putting in the work at home to help with public behavior, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.  I’m the first to admit that consistency is a toughy for me but also would save me a lot of heartache.  I’m blaming it on my ADD.

Tonia continues to hurt my head with her love life.  She, and Candace of course, head to the Dallas Bridal show.  Tonia is a speaker and is very excited to promote her business but also nervous without her husband there to support her and do manual labor.  My confusion is that she talks about this part of her life on camera, but as we will see in Episode 4, it seems the ladies who are not her besties can’t ask her questions about it.  I understand she wants her exact reasons for divorce kept private.  That is very fair.  I just don’t understand when people are allowed to talk to her about her love life in general and how she’s feeling.  It’s possible that the wound is still so raw that even she isn’t sure.

And finally, we get more sex talk with Teryn’s husband Ryan panting for a private swim suit show and a separate girls’ night out discussion on Stephanie’s current birth control of not letting Jerald even look at her 10 days of the month.  Teens, please don’t try this yourself.  The sexy talk amongst the girls leads to them sexting their spouses and at least three or four of the husbands getting lucky.  TMI for everyone!

This lands us smack dab at the start of Episode 4: “Husbands and Hooters.”   It’s a pretty full episode, so I’m going to make it a separate post again.  Also, I need to get to bed.  And I’m out of good word thingys.  So, tune in tomorrow for my next recap!  Until then, tell me, do you have that one friend who is a cutey that you love to bug about sex because it makes her blush, a-la Teryn?  I do, and she probably has to pray for me after every dinner we have.  Any other thoughts?  Spill it!


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