Texas Multi Mamas Epsiode 4: “Hooters and Husbands”

Oh my.  I just think that should have been added to the title.  Because, well, oh my.

I have put off writing this recap because it makes me tense.  These ladies are telling some truth, and I feel for them having it on TV and not coming out looking that great.  I’ve always wanted to star in my own show, but episodes like this remind me that every third episode would be me explaining my previous sarcasm and my habit of talking without thinking because I just want the quick laugh.  Not to mention my bad parenting days.  Oh Lordy.

Let’s start with a parenting issue that isn’t tense  Suz and Casey have a play date at Casey’s.  In case you forgot how many kids would be involved in such an event, the number is 8.  EIGHT small children and only 2 moms and no wine.  The mind boggles.  Anyway, we see here that Casey struggles with not being able to leave her kids in someone else’s care.  Suz is worried that this is tough on Casey and wants her to let go a bit for her own sake and for the kids who will have to leave her to go to school at some point.  So Suz offers to watch all 8 kids by herself for a couple of hours.  Holy Best Friend Batman!  That is so awesome.  She handles it like a rock star, and Casey seems happy to have done it.

When Casey talks about losing one of her embryos (there were five to start) and birthing such small babies, you feel for her and know why she’s so protective.  I remember being told to keep my twins home during flu season when they were born, and I followed the instructions to the letter.  It makes you think you’re the only one who can keep them safe.

Casey's babies showing you the cute. Photo courtesy wetv.com

I can’t avoid it any longer; we must talk about the drama.  The first dramathon revolves around Tonia and her post-divorce love life.  She and Candace hit the town for some manhunting.  No wait, it’s not that.  But it is.  But it isn’t.  One thing is for certain is that Tonia wears a hot dress with cut outs and dances provocatively.  No man is snared however.

Which brings us to a girls’ night out chat that goes very wrong.  Tonia tells the ladies she has a date.  (Please note who initiates that topic.)  The ladies then pepper her with questions about whether or not she likes dating and what she’s looking to get out of it.  Tonia gets a pained look on her face, and Candace uses her best friend ESP to jump in and answer for her.  The other ladies aren’t having it.  Questions continue.  Tonia is silent.  Candace is not.

It was weird that Tonia wouldn’t answer the girls.  She didn’t even say, “I don’t want to talk about it.”  She did say her wounds were still fresh and that she’ll just have to see what happens.  Candace thought the whole thing was bullying and that Stephanie and Casey especially should not have asked questions because they are only acquaintances.  I think the ladies were trying to help, and it could have ended sooner if Tonia, a grown woman, would have ended it.

Later, Candace and Tonia are the aggressive ones.  They are out eating with Suz and Casey and the topic of how you me your spouse came up.  Again, Tonia brings up marriage/romance.  Tonia who wants to keep hers private.

Anyway, Casey is embarrassed and doesn’t want to answer.  Her face clearly says it as does her mouth.  But, the girls press on.  It turns out she met Robbie while she was working at Hooters.  She’s pissed because she did not want this on TV for her kids to see before she could talk to them about it.  She also feels like Candace and Tonia knew the answer and were just playing dumb to make her say it.

I don’t think it’s embarrassing, but I can see Casey’s point.  Lots of people have opinions on Hooters, and lots of those opinions aren’t nice.  Candace says, “That’s her history.”  Right.  So SHE gets to tell it when she wants.  Just like Tonia is in charge of what she says.  See how that played out?

Casey and Robbie, a match made in....none ya' business! Picture courtesy @caseygerwer

Here’s what I see.  Candace is very protective of Tonia.  When Candace sees Tonia in trouble, she helps.  That’s her job as best friend.  End of story.  The other ladies think they are helping Tonia talk out her thoughts.  I know we do that in my Mothers of Multiples group a lot.  Me especially.  I have no filter on my private conundrums because I know my ladies have been through the same or are at least there to listen.  It’s a trust issue, and it seems it just isn’t there for Tonia yet.

As for what happened to Casey, it felt just as mean as Candace and Tonia thought the dating questions were in the sense that Casey didn’t want to talk about it.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can watch it today, Sunday, January 8 as WEtv is running a marathon starting at 11am.  Please be on the look-out for Candace and Steve hitting the dance floor with all my high school moves.  Also enjoy Steve’s fashion show as a tension breaker.

Let’s hit the comments and discuss.  Have you read the cast blogs yet?  I’m going to now.  I didn’t want them to change my review of the episode, but I’m sure the ladies add some more thoughts.  I’m enjoying following them on Twitter and reading their ‘real’ lives that some think they don’t have.  They do.  That’s why we watch.

Also, you can catch my review of Episodes One, Two, and Three if you are so inclined.


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