Marvelous Me

Remember when you were great?  When you knew you were rockin’ a look or about to ace a test or just do an awesome thing so awesomely?

For me, those times mostly happened when I was much younger.  I knew I was a good dancer and demanded I be in the front row at every recital despite being the tallest girl. (I’m still pretty terrific; ask me to Cabbage Patch, and you’ll see.)  I was smart and never let a teacher’s question go unanswered.  Later, I learned the power of sarcasm and knew my wit made people laugh.  I liked that very much. (Still do.)

I don't care who you are; that's funny right there.

My parents always lifted me up and rewarded my talents with genuine pride.  I have ALWAYS felt they loved me and liked the person I was, even when my best me wasn’t coming through.  So, it’s confusing that I turned into that girl.  That girl who doubts herself.  That girl who doesn’t believe anyone thinks she’s pretty.  And I am way too entrenched in my belief that I am a bad mom.

So, today, I’m joining a blog carnival called Mother’s Pride.  I’m here to shout my positive traits from the rooftops!  I’m here to remind myself of all the good things I have going on.

Parenting Power

*  My boys love reading.  I’ll never forget the day when they were around 10 months old, and I realized I had made an impression on them with books.  They were pretty crabby and clawing at the baby gate.  I said, “You know what?  Let’s read and see if we feel better.” Next thing I know, they had crawled over to where I always read to them and sat in a little 2 baby semi-circle.  They quietly waited for me to come read to them.  Holy crap!  They knew what I was going to do and were excited to do it!

*  My boys are BFFs.  That seems like an obvious thing for brothers to be, but I really think we’ve done a good job of laying the groundwork for life-long support.  They stick up for each other when I’m disciplining them.  They ask after each other when there is sadness or illness.  A popular phrase in our house is, “But he’s my best brother!”

*  My boys have good manners.  They say, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ many times without prompting.  They are kind to other kids.  I’m teaching them to say, “Okay Mommy,” to let me know they heard me and are following my instructions.

He seems pretty happy with me as his mommy.

He also seems pleased.

Super Self

*  I am a good writer.  I love to do it, and I think it shows.  Should I be published?  Well, yes, I should. 😉

*  I’m funny.  I say things to make people laugh because I love hearing it and because I like to cheer people up. I’ve been told I can turn stories about a bad day into comedies.

*  I have nice legs.  I like my legs.  They are long and are pretty strong.  They work hard for me and look nice in a skirt.

*  I’m a good teacher.  I love my profession, and my passion shows.  I am committed to learning from my mistakes and educating myself so that every year I teach is a year I improve.  I am so proud to be a teacher.

Wow, I’m kind of marvelous.  How about you?  Are you super groovy too?  Yes.  Yes you are.  Trust me; I’m not friends with the un-groovy.

Please feel free to join this carnival of self-confidence on your own blog or in your personal journal.  And of course, please feel free to tell me in the comments more ways I rule.


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