The Best Lasagna Ever

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a cook.  I am not saying this to be modest or because I lack self-confidence.  I seriously do not cook.  I make three good meals and two of them are tacos.

Being in Poland has exacerbated the problem, and I really have fallen behind.  I’d say I’m about 12 in cooking years which means I can boil water but will still make a mess while doing it.  I will also complain and act like it’s the hardest thing anyone has ever done.

I'm not sure why I own this.

In order to kick-start my cooking endeavors, I bought a lasagna pan and a lovely metal mixing bowl.  Nothing makes a hard task easier than new supplies.  I also figured the spending of money would guilt me into actually doing it.

I was anxious all day the day of the lasagna cooking. This was such a huge deal for me that I had to plan when to shop and where. I cleaned the kitchen so I would not be dissuaded from cooking.  I even had to put it on the calendar so I wouldn’t chicken out.

Here are some pics of my work:

Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Why am I doing this again?

Jack was leery when I told him onions made you cry. He also wanted to know what a real one was doing in our house.

Once the meat and onions began browning, I relaxed. That smell is so calming to me due to helping my mom make tacos and enchiladas when I was younger. It was the part I helped with. Also? No idea what meat that is.

What's up parsley? Not only did I use my flawless Polish to buy you fresh, but now I'm gonna chop you up real nice.

This is how Rachel ray started out. But with a more annoying voice.

First, this is not my blood. I actually did not cut myself this time. (I did burn my thumb, but it was only a flesh wound.) Second, that is about as messy as I allow my cooking space to be. I clean as I go.

Dinner was an hour late. Just like mom used to make.  I gave the kids jellybeans to keep them quiet. (It’s like I’m new to mothering.) They proceeded to take their sugar rush and Angry Bird their room.

How was the final product you ask?

How ya like them apples? (No apples were used in the making of this lasagna. I am not that inept.)

I’m happy to say that it was very yummy.  Alex loved it, and Michael seemed to like it.  Jack was not impressed, but three out of four happy eaters is pretty damn good.  I actually was sad when I inevitably dropped a serving or two while transferring the leftovers to freezer containers.  I have ideas on how to tweak it next time, and I look forward to trying again.  In a year or so.


13 thoughts on “The Best Lasagna Ever

  1. Loved this post! It made me chuckle. I can cook, but my DH gets home first on the weekdays. So it’s a rare occasion that I cook. Last time I cooked, dinner was an hour late. I always underestimate cooking time & preparation time.

  2. Good for you! Before you know it, you’ll be cooking every night! Oh, and my brother-in-law, the one that worked in restaurants and even owned a Deli for a while, NEVER has food on the table at the time he says he will. Neither does my husband. So you’re in good company. 😉

  3. WOOT! First of all, I love your pictorial. And it looks great. You made me giggle and I think you were lying. I bet there Were Apples in there somewhere…. 😉

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