A Slow Walk

Dear Jack and Alex,

Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being 4 and full of wonder, humor, and earnestness.

We just walked Daddy to work and stopped for a doughnut with him.  You made his Monday much better.  He misses you after spending the weekends together.

On the walk back home, you made Mommy smile.  I can’t believe I get to watch you learn.  I literally see when you make connections and ideas about the world around you.  It is truly the definition of awesome.

We walked slow because your legs are little.  Also?  You get distracted by everything in the stores and parks and houses we pass.  Well, not distracted really.  I guess it’s more like you are taking it all in.  You aren’t in a hurry to get home and start the laundry.  You don’t worry about how long this short walk is taking.  I had you stop and listen.  It was quiet except for the birds singing.  Jack, you declared that one of the birds must be a robin which is your favorite bird.  I have no idea what a robin sounds like compared to other birds, but I like your theory.

We looked at a bush which had small green shoots working their way out of the branches.  Alex, you took one look at this scraggly bush and said it was a forsythia.  It was ‘pokey’ and the leaves looked yellow to you.  We decided to come back and see if it does indeed grow into a gorgeous, yellow forsythia we’ve read about.

When you exclaimed about the berets in the hat shop, I had to stifle my chuckle.  You were so excited that you knew they were ‘Art Hats!’ that you wear while painting.  I absolutely love it when you are earnest in your explanations.  You are so excited and so serious at the same time.  You are proud of yourself and the things you know.

Moments like these are one of the unexpected benefits of being a parent.  I knew I would love you and guide you and raise you the best that I could.  I did not know you would teach me things about the world and myself.  Or that I would get to know all the parts of you so very well.


8 thoughts on “A Slow Walk

  1. Such a beautiful and heart warming post. I live the last statement because it’s so true-I learn so much about life from my children, and have grown and learned more about myself since having them.

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