Where Are All The Words?

That cloud you see over Texas? That’s what’s left of my three-week word storm. I chatted up friends, family, and strangers until my thoughts swirled around the place like a good ‘ol Texas dust devil. So, as you can imagine, I ran out of words to spew here.

Our visit was fast and only a little bit furious the first few days after my steroid shot. The dermatologist promised relief and then disappeared with a medical emergency. It seems even doctors in Texas have been unable to cure my dry, painful skin condition.

The boys had so much fun seeing friends, and I was really pleased with how quickly they jumped into the fray and made themselves at home. When we got to their godparents’ house the second time, they left me at the door and ran upstairs. They played with all of their toys and then learned how to shoot Nerf guns. There was swimming and bounce houses and fireworks, oh my!

I too enjoyed ‘playing’ with my friends as did my husband. We share a lot of the same buddies so that worked out well.

My parents were, as always, fabulous hosts. They got up with the boys in the mornings and always had food at the ready. I won’t even tell you how much ice cream we went through, though I can tell you it was less than it could have been due to my amazing self-control.

My dad and I revived a tradition of watching bad TV together that began when I was 12, and we enjoyed Friday nights filled with WWF (Wrestling, not pandas) and American Gladiators. This time we found Cajun Justice and Swamp People. My mom and I fought over the crossword puzzle in the paper even though they were rightfully hers. She graciously gave it to me on our last day as a parting gift. We also dreamed of a shopping and massage day which will have to happen later.

Our flight home was easy but not something we’d like to do again in the next month or two.

I’ll be back on the blog this week with all the words. I’m also making a guest appearance at Aiming Low in the coming weeks. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you a million times when it is published.

Stay tuned……


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