Polish Word Wednesday

A weekly service where I teach you some Polish.*

Bootylisciouskiadjective; sexually attractive Polish lady with a nice butt who is still skinny because all those beoytches be thin yo.

Example Sentence: Marta worked hard to stay bootylisciouski by carrying her case of vodka up the four flights to her apartment.

Notes: Never use this word in front of a Polish person over the age of 50; you will receive the Polish stare of utter disdain.

What words or phrases are you dying to see me explain? Let me know, and you just may see your word in my words next week.

*Be advised that I know less Polish than just about everyone. Please do not use my lessons to actually speak Polish.


6 thoughts on “Polish Word Wednesday

  1. The neighborhood I live in used to be populated primarily by Poles. It’s the same neighborhood my grandfather grew up in, and he was of German descent but had to speak a lot of Polish because of the neighbors. (But I don’t remember him using this word!)

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