Polish Word Wednesday 3

A weekly service where I teach you some Polish.*

Wszystkich ŚwiętychPronunciation? Type it in Google Translate and take a listen. Then completely understand why my Polish teacher occasionally giggles at my pronunciation; All Saints’ Day, November 1st

Example Sentence: Since Thursday is Wszystkich Świętych, Stephanie made sure to buy milk Wednesday.

Notes: This holiday is a time to remember the deceased. Families decorate the graves of family members with flowers and candles. Graves long forgotten or abandoned are also cleaned and adorned with flowers. All Saints’ Day is a national holiday in Poland, and, as such, is a day off work. This also means stores and restaurants are closed. I learned about national holidays the hard way when I had to drive to five gas stations to scrounge milk one day.

The grocery store was busy today with people stocking up on flowers and candles.

These are some of the candles people use for All Saints’ Day. They come in many sizes and colors. People buy them by the case.

What words or phrases are you dying to see me explain? Let me know, and you just may see your word in my words next week.

*Be advised that I know less Polish than just about everyone. Please do not use my lessons to actually speak Polish.


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