Polish Word WednesMonday 5

A weekly service where I teach you some Polish.*

chleb–[hlehbnoun; bread, one of the four food groups along with cheese, ketchup, and salt

Example Sentence: Stephanie was so desperate for bread she practiced saying chelb until she was blue in the face.

Notes: When we were preparing to move to Poland, I read a guide book to get a little background. I may have skimmed some sections, and I sometimes only remember part of a fact but share it anyway. And that’s how I talked my parents into buying this cheese which I told them was traditional bread from the mountain region of Poland. It was not good. It seems you are supposed to fry it and serve it with a sauce.

Tell me that brown stuff doesn’t look like bread.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video:

What words or phrases are you dying to see me explain? Let me know, and you just may see your word in my words next week.

*Be advised that I know less Polish than just about everyone. Please do not use my lessons to actually speak Polish.


4 thoughts on “Polish Word WednesMonday 5

  1. You know what I would like? An exclamation along the lines of a mild swear word, something the old Polish Catholic ladies around here in Milwaukee might have said when my grandpa was growing up. Got any of those?

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