Polish Word Wednesday 6

A weekly service where I teach you some Polish.*

dziękuję–[jenkooyeh]; thank you

Example Sentence: I’ve heard that the accent you have when you say ‘dziękuję’ gives away your nationality. Mine screams Texas y’all.

Notes: Though this was a fine word to learn when we first moved here, the great Ice Cream Stand blow-up of spring 2011 showed that I needed to learn some more useful terms. For example, it would have been helpful to know how to say chocolate ice cream and make mine with nuts on top.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video:

What words or phrases are you dying to see me explain? Let me know, and you just may see your word in my words next week.

*Be advised that I know less Polish than just about everyone. Please do not use my lessons to actually speak Polish.


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