Polish Word Wednesday 7

A weekly service where I teach you some Polish.*

zimno–[zheemnoh];adverb, cold

Example Sentence: Mi zimno. Zimno mi. (I’m cold. Get me out of here.)

Notes: A related word is zima. In Polish zima means winter; in American English it means, “Hey high school girls, wanna party?”

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a video:

What words or phrases are you dying to see me explain? Let me know, and you just may see your word in my words next week.

*Be advised that I know less Polish than just about everyone. Please do not use my lessons to actually speak Polish.


9 thoughts on “Polish Word Wednesday 7

  1. Very ‘cool’ – i find different languages fascinating! Explain, please the ‘mi’ bit; is that the dative form?

    Over here in Québec they say, ‘C’est frete’ which is an old slang form of ‘froid’.
    In London we say, ‘It’s a bit parky’, or maybe ‘taters!’, or the old standby: ‘brass monkey weather’. I’ll leave you to google that one…

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