Talking Is My Primary Function, And I’m Pretty Handy With The Words.

Quick Stats

Mother of 4 year-old twin boys, married for 11 years, middle school English teacher (semi-retired…so, SAHM…until 2013), living in Gdynia, Poland since 1/2011 and returning to Texas 1/2013

What’s My Special Purpose?

My brain leaks thoughts and opinions all the livelong day.   This site and my Twitter account are places for me to dump those thoughts.  It’s turned into having more serious posts than I thought it would, but I’m happy with that.  I hope I can make you laugh and think.

I am committed to grammar and its many fabulous gifts. I want to marry the Oxford comma, and I get distracted by all the novels I read that refuse to use a comma before the conjunction in a compound sentence. I am that serious about the rules.

I would love to some day get my shit together and write a novel or seven. I also want to get back to teaching and am working on a venture which will bring me to homeschooled students so that I can pee whenever I want. (If you’re not a teacher, this perk may be lost on you.)

So, again, I hope my words bring you laughter and are grammatically correct. If not, you have my permission to mock me. Gently.


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