But You Can Call Me Jerkface

So, my debit card actually has Michael’s name on it.  (Which is fine because I can only imagine the pain in the rear it was to even order a second card.)  In Poland, most stores have you actually hand your debit card to the clerk instead of swiping it yourself like in the US.  I assume this is so they can match the name and person.  Why do I assume this?  Well, there is this one grocery store that ALWAYS checks it.  Some clerks just shrug it off, but most of them actually raise the issue.  I try to get out of it by claiming not to know what they are asking me about.  This backfired one day when a clerk then repeated his question in perfect English.

My other method of getting past this issue is to claim the card actually HAS my name.  As in Michelle spelled crazy.  This actually works!  In fact, the last time I did this, the clerk was a very nice young lady (God, I’m old…) who apologized profusely for thinking the card wasn’t mine.  I slunk out of the store feeling awful that I had tricked her.

Well, she was my clerk again today.  She had to call a manager over for something, and I figured out that they also talked about how I was the lady she had thought had someone else’s card and that she thought it said Michael, not Michelle.  It appears this story was memorable.  I felt even worse!

Sure, my name is Michelle spelled like Michael, but you can call me Jerkface.