Solid Gold

I so wanted to dance on that show. Forty second routines showcasing the day’s greatest pop? Um, can you say lengthy career guarantee? I have no idea why it got cancelled.

My hair was perfect for this show. I’m not providing any pictures, but trust me. Photo courtesy BrixPix.

Anyway, what I’m really talking about today is solid Olympic gold.

The boys are fired up about the Olympics and ask to watch it every day. They started with the Opening Ceremonies (and have requested a DVD so they can watch them over and over) and continue to enjoy sports from indoor bicycling to table tennis. I had hoped all year that they would at least be interested in them so I could catch an event or two. It turned out better than I could have dreamed. They are full-on obsessed. Just as I used to perform daring no-axel triple-axel jumps on the kitchen floor after the winter games, they are medaling daily in every sport they see.

Our favorite ‘countries’ to root for are all the places we’ve visited and/or lived. They include The United States (Yes, they say all three words most every time.), Paris, London, Poland, and Germany. We also like Russia because their gymnastic warm-ups remind us of the Poland flag. They have lately taken to asking me if they can cheer for the winner even if he or she is not from our favorite places. When I say yes, they do so with vigor. Jack seems fascinated by the flag for Japan and points it out when he sees it, though Japan has not achieved automatic rooting status.

One night while watching weightlifting, Alex decided it would be more exciting if the athletes ran after they picked up the weights. Indeed it would my son, indeed it would. While helping me grocery shop, the boys used a fairly heavy roll of trash bags as their weight and proceeded to haul it over their head and then dramatically drop it to the floor after they reached the required time. I hate to dash their dreams, but if you’ve seen my boys, you know this sport is not in their future.

They have also mastered the language of the games. They scream, “Are you kidding me!?!?” if someone does amazing or seems to have been robbed. It works for both situations very well. I interview them after their in-home events, and they know to say, “Hi mom!” and that they are just proud to be winning for their country. They are now smoother with media interactions than Ryan Lochte.

But the best part of their Olympic fever has to be the sports they create and/or replicate in the house every day. After watching swimming, they ‘swim’ on the floor, complete with shaking out their arms before the start. While talking of the day’s planned canoeing events (It’s really kayaking, but they refuse to believe me.), they remind me that the red gates are for going in one way, and the blue gates are for facing the other way. (Dear God why can’t they use their brain power to remember to flush the toilet?) There are pretend starting pistol sounds and dangerous dismounts. They are having a blast and amusing the hell out of me. And with that thought, I leave you with Jack firing himself up for our favorite in-home sport, couch hurdles. (Please note two things. I have no idea where he learned this routine, and this video is not edited because I am just a cave blogger.)