An Ode To Twitter

Okay, um, crap. I can’t write an ode. (I do know what one is though. Hooray for an English degree!  It really helps me take care of my twins and what-not.) So, this is not an ode but more a stream-of-consciousness, word-gift thingy.

I typed in 'ode' on Google Images and got this. What the what?!?!? I like it though. I'm keeping him.

Twitter sounded dumb to me at first.  I thought I was above it frankly.  I have a college degree, why would I be interested in your silly tweets?  It’s the end of English as we know it!  People can’t put together a whole essay blog post anymore!  Why can’t I find a carraige to take me to the ball?

Then I moved to Poland.  I got all kinds of lonely.  No one was reading my blog.  (Except you Mom, I can always count on you.)  Anyway, I needed to connect with some English speakers and some reality TV lovers.  (Seriously, Miss High and Mighty English Teacher is sickly addicted to reality TV.)

I got my account and found my people.  All of my people.  The funny ones.  The gossips.  The intellectuals.  The celebs.  The Mommy Bloggers.  And on and on.  It took me about 25 seconds to adore it.  I knew I would love writing tweets because my thoughts are random and just need to be blurted out to make room in my head for more important things like where my kids are.  I did not expect to enjoy reading my timeline so much every day.  I did not expect the benefits beyond just feeling like I could release all my words.

The day I found out you could chat with a whole group of people on Twitter was an awesome day.  It was the day I found my #ppd ladies.  I was having a tough time.  My depression is now just plain ol everyday depression and not postpartum anymore, but I felt like maybe this was a place I could find answers.  And I found them instantly.  Not the magic spell to make me more calm but kind words and some Amens from the chorus.  I got 4 new followers.  I got 4 new friends.  I really think that if I had had Twitter when the boys were born, I would have gotten treatment for my postpartum depression way sooner than 7 months after their birth.

I’ve also accidentally become a better person.  Or at least done some really good thinking about stuff.  Thank you to the people who have made me stop saying I feel bipolar because I’m prone to SLIGHT mood swings.  Not cool dude, that diagnosis is serious.  Thank you to the moms who’ve taught me more about loss and what real parenting problems are.  Also, thank you to my sweet moms who remind me to be positive instead of going for the easy sarcasm and bitterness.  Sometimes a better outlook is needed.  (Of course sometimes a fart joke works too.)

I’ve seen Twitter actually make a real difference in people’s lives.  Strangers in real life, but friends on Twitter reaching out to save someone they only know from her writing.  Reaching out to bring joy to a little girl who lost her brother.  Sending good luck to a mom who needs to sell her house.  And meaning it.

I also enjoy the fun things I originally sought out.  If you want to read crazy that makes you think, trust me, Twitter has you covered.  The Mommy Bloggers get me all kinds of giggly every day.  Some of you are so the people I want to take out for a drink and some laughs after a day of answering to the demands of my boys.

She hasn't gotten any saner, and now she tweets.

Another thing I get a kick out of is having these people respond to my tweets.  They get nothing out of responding to me.  No money, no fame, just sarcasm and dark humor.  So, it makes it extra cool to get their time and attention.  Women I consider awesome moms and great writers and funny bitches have sent real words to me.  And laughed at my words! Happy nerd alert!!!

Give Twitter a try if you haven’t already.  You can find your people.  It’s like I’m always telling the 7th graders I teach–be patient, your nerds are out there.