My Take On Texas Multi Mamas

You know what I need? Another reality TV show!  And one that I could have been in no less.

The show in question is called Texas Multi Mamas, and it centers on 6 Dallas-area moms who are all friends and are all Mothers of Multiples.  (Why did I capitalize that?  Because they carried more than one baby in their uteri.  Try it some time.  It’s no walk in the park.)  It airs on WE tv on Tuesdays at 8 and 9c.  If you missed the first 2 episodes, you can watch them here.

First, let’s meet the ladies.  They are all very thin and none seem to be medicated which is a bit different from my experience.  Maybe they just don’t eat fast food for lunch as much as they can and don’t blab all over the internet about their mental health.  Weird.

Candace–42, Mom to 4 year-old triplets, married to Steve, describes herself as wanting to be the cool mom and be who she was before she had kids (Hmmm, sounds like trouble but you never know!  Maybe she can do it.)

Stephanie–26, Mom to 2 year-old twins and a son from a previous marriage, married to Jerald, she already has tension with Candace and thereby the rest of the group

Teryn–35, Mom to 3 year-old triplets and an older daughter, married to Ryan, not seen much in this episode though I loved it when she used her foot to keep a triplet from escaping the store they were in

Casey–30, Mom to 4 year-old quads (That’s 4 kids you guys!), married to Robbie, honest about being overwhelmed every day but seems to do great, says she likes control but isn’t a control freak

Suzi–Mom to quads, married to Joe, close friends with Casey, decides to laugh at her chaos instead of get stressed by it, soft-spoken but not meek

Tonia–33, Mom to 4 year-old twins, divorced, very close friends with Candace, runs a professional organizing company

Oh my! The cute! It hurts! Photo courtesy of WeTV.

Now, let’s get on to Episode 1, “Mama Drama” which tried to play up the tension between Stephanie and Candace.  They’ve had words.  And mean texts.  Mostly from Stephanie and containing foul language and general abrasiveness.  And now all the other ladies are afraid that Stephanie is willing to ‘throw anyone under the bus’ to get what she wants.  (For the love of the beautiful English language can we be done with that phrase?  Pretty please?)  When Suz ( I can call her that because I know friends of her friends.) has lunch with Stephanie and tells her this, Steph gets very upset.  She honestly is sad that the other moms have bad feelings about her.  Suzi handled it so well and was very gracious with the way she brought it up.  It was not done with the intent to make things more tense or dramatic.  I really like her and could learn a thing or two about diplomacy from her.

We see a lot of Stephanie, Candace, and Tonia in this episode with some great interviews with Casey and Suz.

For Stephanie, we see her on a date with her husband talking about their daughters’ birthday party and his mother.  Unfortunately, Stephanie and her mother-in-law do not see eye to eye.  Jerald has chosen to pretend nothing is wrong for fear of both women getting stabby.  At the actual birthday party, the two women don’t talk much, and the mother-in-law pulls a classic evil move.  She asks for a picture of her family and leaves out Stephanie and her older son.  Very classy.  Steph complains about it, but is generally not too dramatic.   I really liked how Stephanie and Jerald had fun and were happy for their girls having fun.  The party was nice and normal and just very real.

We see Candace offering to help Tonia in the man department by setting up a meeting with a matchmaker, though none of the other ladies thinks this is a great idea.  Thankfully, the matchmaker is a pretty nice, even-keeled lady unlike that wacko on Bravo.  Tonia is pretty neurotic (I’ve seen her in person) but is obviously very smart and driven.  However, she lost me totally when she said she was ‘retarded’ about dating.  Woman, we do not use that word that way!  Not cool.

While waiting for the matchmaker to perform a miracle, Tonia goes on a date set up by another friend.  She tells us that she’s got a weird thing about nice teeth.  Then she says some things about blah, blah, blah, personality, nice to me, but mostly the teeth need to be nice.  The date is not too awkward, and they seem to be having fun.  Until Tonia tells him he has to meet her friend Candace for inspection.  Good-bye confidence!

After the date, Tonia goes to Candace’s for a play date.  That play date looked nice.  Candace’s husband played with the kids while they dished about the date.  (He also offered some great advice about a man who asks you for a date via text message.  He warned that you need to be prepared to be broken up with via text by a guy like that.)  My play dates with other Moms of Multiples are more ‘active’.  Shelly and I used to meet at the mall play place (germ town), and the conversations were like this, “Do you have Gavin?” “No.  Have you seen Alex? I think he may be bleeding…If it’s not him, it’s the other one.”  Then we corral them in the food court and play the my-kids-have-a-new-bad-habit game.  It’s informative, and nobody wins.

For the high point, all the ladies meet at a place called Zephyr’s for drinks on the patio (I’m so jealous.) and some interaction between our feuding ladies Stephanie and Candace.  Stephanie explains to the whole group that she never said anything about throwing anyone under the bus because she knows that phrase is stupid.  No, she says that they should always come to her in the future if they have any questions about her or what she feels.  Stephanie does not talk directly to Candace, the person she knows is responsible for the comment, but instead just makes a calm statment.  Candace stays silent which means no big fights or cattyness.

I liked the show and the ladies.  Stephanie is a little tightly wound but harmless.  I’m bummed we didn’t see more of their day-to-day life with the kids because it’s nice to see how someone else handles it.  The kids are older but still hard to handle!  Trust me, I know this.  If you go to the web site and look at their pictures, there are some parenting tips from them there.  Not embarrassed by them as a mom, a woman or a Texan.  They seem normal which may doom the show.

What do you think?  Do you want me to continue reviewing the show?  Who did you like?  What would you like to see?  If you have any observations or questions or answers, please make them in the comments!  After this, see my review of episode 2.