Five Minute Brain Dump

Please enjoy the following random thoughts brought on by Twitter trash talk and my good friend Vikki.


It turns out that you guys are the worst writing bosses ever.

No one is asking me if I’m on pace to finish NaNoWrMo. Which I’m not. At all. Even a little bit.

I have an intro and chapter one done. And I haven’t even gotten to where we actually move to Poland. This memoir/travel memoir may be 6000 pages. But I’ll never know since I am not being bullied and shamed into writing every day.

That’s right. I need some tough love people. I am too easily overtaken by Angry Birds and Twitter to be trusted to write on my own. I know this; you know this. Why aren’t you helping me?

Listen, if you don’t get me back in gear, I may be forced to rely on an old trick all the great writers of yore (It’s a time long ago.). That trick?

Drinking and heroin.

So, it’s up to you my friends. Are you going to crack the whip or watch me drink in the day?